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Paw Watermark


The Presidential Paws Lounge is a premium mobile pet grooming service for Metro Manila. The classic 1992 Isuzu Camper has been fully transformed into a customized Dalmatian print lounge for your furry loved ones. The entire camper has been modified to provide your pets with a one of a kind, grooming experience that the Philippines has never seen before.


The Presidential Paws Lounge is fully equipped with the industry’s best grooming supplies, experienced pet stylists, a showroom, a photo wall and even offers a comfortable waiting area for pet owners to relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage.

We understand that it has become extremely difficult and time consuming over the past year to properly maintain your pet’s grooming needs, and it is a hassle to physically go to the pet salon and  wait there for hours until your pet is done.

The Presidential Paws Lounge eliminates all of your precious time wasted and comes directly to your home, and makes everything that much easier.